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Young Artist Competition

Flutists ages 18-30 are invited to compete in the Upper Midwest Flute Association (UMFA) Young Artist Competition. In even years, the competition is open only to residents and students in the Upper Midwest. (MN, SD, ND, IA, and WI) In odd years, the competition is open nationally. Finals are held during the annual Flute Fest located in the Twin Cities. Winners will receive cash prizes.

2024 Young Artist Registration

2023 winners:

Natalie Trejo (1st prize)

2022 winners:

Gregory Bardwell (1st prize)

Kirsten Rotvold (2nd prize)

2021 winners:

Blair Francis Paponiu (1st prize)

Yidi Song (2nd prize)

Allison Parramore (3rd prize)

2020 finalists (in alphabetical order):

(Final Round not Held)

Daniela Volkovinsky

Karen Baumgartner

Kendra Schimidt

2019 winners:

Charles Gibb (1st prize)

Daniel Carlo (2nd prize)

Samuel Williams (3rd prize)

2018 winners:

Hannah Peterson Green (1st prize)

Joshua Weinberg (2nd prize)

Robert Wakeley (3rd prize)

2017 winners:

Jeiran Hassan (1st prize)

Elisa Moles (2nd prize)

Brian Allred (3rd prize)

2016 winners:

Ming-Hui Lin (1st prize)

Chia-Lin Ko (2nd prize)

Soojee Yoo (3rd prize)

2015 winners:

Sarah Shin (1st prize)

Hanna Lim (2nd prize)

Elizabeth Sperry (3rd prize)

2014 winners:

Alyssa Griggs (1st prize)

Hannah Peterson (2nd prize)

2013 winners:

Erin Torres (1st prize)

Amanda Fuerst (3rd prize)

Kristyn Son (3rd prize)

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