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Past Presidents

Throughout its history, UMFA has been led by strong members of our flute community.
Please join us in giving special thanks to the following leaders:

1979-81Laudie Porter
1981-83Jill Mayberry
1983-85David Juncker
1985-87Mary Roberts Wilson
1987-88David Eagle
1988-89Diane Johnson
1989-90Judy Ranheim
1990-91Kay Sahlin
1991-92Laurie Stelter Lau
1992-93Beth Huderle
1993-94Betty Olson
1994-95Teresa Barta
1995-96Betty Olson
1996-97Peggy Doerrie
1997-98Wendy Janzen
1998-99Jane Estenson-Strauman
1999-00Amy Morris
2001-03Lani Willis
2003-04Michael Skelley
2004-09Polly Meyerding
2009-10Peggy Doerrie,
Martha Jamsa 
2010-11Jennifer Kennard
2011-12Jennifer Hanson
2012-13Nancy Larson Maloney
2013-14James DeVoll
2014-15Catherine Ramirez
2015-17Trudi Anderson
2017-18Joy Isakson
2018-19Dr. Lauren McNee

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